Additional Services


Screen Printing

Only available on toughened products, prior to toughening. We use ceramic frit which fires on to the surface of the glass during the toughening process. Patterns are entirely flexible, and can be made to your specifications and requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of colours


Polished Edges
Available on all products (merchanting and toughened), we offer a range of different finishes. These include flat and arris, pencil, OG and triple C.


Heat Soaking
A very small proportion of toughened glass can spontaneously fracture over time due to the presence of Nickel Sulphide inclusions. In some applications, replacing panels which have broken could have serious cost implications. By subjecting the toughened glass to a heat soak test, the possibility of spontaneous fracture due to the presence of Nickel Sulphide inclusions is greatly reduced.


We can cut most products into simple or complex shapes to customer designs.


Simple circular holes can be drill cut into most products in diameters from 6mm up to 65mm with or without countersinking. Larger cut-outs are available as rectangles or circles dependent on position and overall glass size and thickness.


Double Glazing Units
DGU’s are availiable in a wide range of make-ups and styles for use in roal, rail, marine transport and specialised applications.


Applied Film
We are able to offer certain of our products with safety, security or anti-vandal film applied.


Ritec 'ClearShield' Coating
We have an 'Approved Applicator' status for Ritec 'ClearShield' non-stick self-cleaning coatings for glass.