Steel Processing

We offer a wide range of steel processing as detailed below please contact us direct for more information:


Dynamic Waterjet Cutting Machines

·          State of the art cutting with unsurpassed precision

·         Cutting thickness of up to 200mm in mild steel, aluminium and stainless

Laser Cutting Machines

·          Cut complex shapes and contours with minimal burr

Tube Laser

·         The ultimate cutting solution for hollow section

·         Cut to length, mitre, cut contours,holes, slots and tabs

Plasma Cutting Machine

·         Twin Head (High Speed) cutting for high volume, low cost cutting

·         Single Head (Hy-Def) cutting for a higher quality finish

Flame Cutting Machines

·         Multiple heads for fast processing of parts

·         Maximum plate thickness of up to 250mm

Multi Process Machine

·         Automatic Punching, Drilling, Marking, Plasma and Gas Cutting machine for large plates

·         Saves costs and keeps lead times short when multiple processes are required

Shotblast & Primer

·         6 turbine shotblasting machine

·         Fast drying water based transit primer suitable for welding



·         CNC Saws can straight and mitre cut material at various lengths and angles

·         Large range of Light Section, Heavy Section and Bright Saws to ensure we can meet any requirement

Punch & Shear

·         Up to 8 punches can be tooled for maximum efficiency

·         Stocked punches include round, square and irregular in a range of sizes, giving you flexibility in design

·         Straight and mitre cutting with 2,200kN shear

Saw & Drill

·         Drilling, Tapping and Milling of all Beams, Columns and Flats.

·         Cut to length in same process for shorter lead times

Folding Machines

·         Aluminium, Stainless, Mild Steel and Durbar sheet and plate accurately folded to requirements

Plough Grinding Machine

·         Rotary grinding for ferrous material

·         Ground to a tolerance of ± 0.25mm for greater precision

Stress Relieving Oven

·         Excellent stress relieving service for material up to 1,365 x 1,070 x 900mm (LxWxH)

Edge Bevelling Machine